Healthy and efficient heat using eco2heat Infrared Heaters

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Natural, sun-like heat

Eco2Heat is a global leading manufacturer of far-infrared heating products, which range from wall- and surface heaters to therapy solutions. Our patented and certified far-infrared technology produces a safe, energy efficient, maintenance-free heat with a carbon-neutral footprint.

Advantages of Infrared Heaters

  • Infrared heat consists of Far Infrared Rays (FIR) that warm and energize your body
  • The far-infrared heat ensures vitality and well-being, without stressing the body
  • Cozy warmth, yet fresh air – infrared waves heat directly, air is not used as transport
  • Bacteria, viruses and dust mites effectively combated and eliminated
  • No movement of air, no dust being moved around, no EMFs (electrosmog) – healthy environment and people
  • Prevents and eliminates mold – infrared heat maintains optimal air humidity
  • Ideal for those with respiratory issues and asthma – fresh air effectively prevents common cold and respiratory sickness
  • Acquisition cost and energy consumption are much lower compared to other heating systems
  • Environmentally-friendly emission-free, carbon-zero heat
  • Your dream of “Energy Independence” can be fulfilled by combining Infrared Heat with Solar- and/or Wind Power.

Unique Traits of eco2heat Infrared Heaters

Unique, patented hybrid technology separates German Infrared Manufacturer eco2heat (it stands for Electric CO2-free heat) from its competitors.

  • Hybrid technology= 50% radiant heat from the front, in addition to 50% convection heat from the back side
  • C-far infrared rays with 10,000 nm (nanometer) wavelength result up to 33 feet(10m) heat range
  • Low energy consumption of 0.0016-0.0048 BTU/sq.ft
  • Truly “flat panel” heaters with heating element thickness of 0.12-0.2 in
  • Our in-wall surface heater can be placed on the top of drywall, covered with a thin layer of plaster and be barely visible
  • Our heaters are certified by TÜV Rheinland, bear the GS-Mark to prove that our products have been tested and confirmed for safety by a third party and are free of electromagnetic pollution, according to TÜV Rheinland-evaluation. All certificates, opinions and research reports can be viewed and downloaded on our Certificates page.

How does an infrared wall heater function?

Infrared radiation is another word for sun heat. Unlike common convection heaters that heat the surrounding air and thereby indirectly heat people, infrared waves heat people and objects directly. Infrared rays produce particularly pleasant, deeply effective and healthy warmth, and, as opposed to the forced hot air, do not stir up any dust and do not use air as transport. An additional advantage is the minimal heating element thickness: our infrared Wall Heater is between 1 and 3 Millimeter thick and can also be installed under plaster or drywall. Our infrared heaters are extremely robust and just need to be plugged in. They require no maintenance and have a very long life span.

Designer and manufacturer of your Infrared Flat Panel Heaters

eco2heat allows a great deal of flexibility, creativity and freedom to design your place your way, when using our products. For example, an infrared panel heater can be printed with an art of your choice and then hanged as a picture. Since no additional mounts are required, the viewer  might not even realize that this is a hot piece of art in more ways than one. In addition, such a model can also be produced with a reflective surface as an infrared heating mirror.
Electric infrared heater protects the environment.
Our infrared heaters require neither delivery of a hot water nor fossil fuels such as oil or natural gas. Our products are pure electric flat panel heaters, free of electromagnetic pollution. No additional, higher-voltage cable is required – an existing standard power outlet is enough! Of course, we also carry any necessary equipment for optimum control. With an infrared electric flat panel heater heating is as simple and efficient as never before!

Environmental and efficiency standards

Our far infrared technology is groundbreaking and manufactured under the strictest quality control in Germany. They are tested under strict guidelines by TÜV Rheinland and carry the GS label. Moreover, it was confirmed by TÜV Rheinland through an EMC Test that our devices are free from electromagnetic pollution.

Latest and greatest info about infrared heating

Our FAQ has answers to your questions about infrared heat and some definitions, background information and technical details.

Health Advantages

Infrared heat consists of far infrared rays that charge the body with heat and energy. They ensure vitality and well-being, without stressing the body. Infrared radiation has nothing to do with ultraviolet rays, it does not lead to burns or skin damage caused UV-rays. Infrared waves heat only the matter, not the surrounding air and are therefore used for medical and therapeutic purposes. Infrared heat relieves pain, inflammations and tension.
In addition, dust mites and mold can be effectively controlled by the infrared radiation. Compared to conventional heating, no dust dispersion takes place. Therefore, is the infrared heat especially recommended for anyone suffering from allergies and asthma symptoms.

Economic Benefits and energy efficiency

Due to our unique patented technology, our heating systems are very energy efficient. There are absolutely no maintenance costs, compared to conventional heating systems. Initial installation costs, as well as usage costs are significantly lower than those of conventional heating systems, such as those using heating oil and natural gas.

Technological Advantages

Our infrared equipment technology is revolutionary for today’s market. The heating systems are easy to install and fit perfectly into the interior. Our infrared heaters require no additional electric lines or extra space. When moving, our heating systems are lightweight and are easily transportable.