Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Here you can find answers to the frequently asked questions.

Why do infrared heaters from other manufacturers use more power and incur significantly more energy costs to heat the same area?

eco2heat infrared heaters are built upon a unique technology. The wavelength of 9-10 nm, a specific composition of the heating mat and hybrid technology (50% – radiant and 50% convection combination) insure a significantly lower energy consumption, compared to other infrared manufacturers and conventional heating systems. The eco2heat heaters have a proven efficiency and put nearly 100% of the supplied energy into heat.

What price should I pay for eco2heat infrared heaters?

You will get an optimal price/performance ratio offer, according to your needs.

How high are the heating cost savings?

The heating cost savings depend on your usage, which was proven to be significantly lower than required standards for conventional heating systems. We would be happy to provide you a detailed individual heating analysis and our offer.

Do eco2heatheaters develop electrosmog?

According to the TÜV Rheinland test report, all eco2heat infrared heaters were certified as electrosmog-free. Please check with other manufacturers of infrared heaters, whether their products actually work electrosmog-free and whether they were actually technically examined and certified as such.

How do I adjust my eco2heat infrared heater?

The adjustment of an eco2heat infrared heater can be performed via a room thermostat or a timer, both built-in or plug-in. Please contact our representatives for further information.

Can eco2heat heaters overheat?

No, eco2heat heat elements are free of bimetallic strips. Therefore, according to the TÜV Rheinland test report, our heating elements cannot overheat. Our heating elements operate at a constant temperature and can only reach a specified maximum power from the electric grid. For instance, the max. surface temperature for a granite infrared heater is 185F(85°C). You should not cover the infrared heater while it is in operation. Please refer to the user’s manual.

Where should eco2heat infrared heaters be installed?

The ideal installation is – as with conventional heating systems – below a window, 1-2 feet (30-50cm) above the floor. Installing it much higher, at a 5-6 ft height or on the ceiling is not just less efficient, but such radiation is perceived as unpleasant. Therefore we do not recommend a ceiling mount! eco2heat offers no ceiling heaters!

Do you also offer infrared floor heaters?

Our eco2heat infrared heaters use building structures, walls and objects as a heat storage. By an even heat distribution we achieve uniform temperatures in both the floor- and the ceiling areas. Cold feet and stale air up top belong the past, when eco2heat infrared heaters are used.

Is infrared radiation harmful?

No, just the opposite is the case. Infrared radiation is a natural heat source which is identical to the solar heat. It contains no harmful UV radiation. Infrared heat treatments can be found even in the medical and therapeutic use, since they do our body good.

Can I convert my heating oil – based system?

Of course you can convert your existing oil heating system. All you need for an eco2heat heater is a simple power outlet, where you would like the heater be plugged in. Such installation is very simple. In the future you will need neither a boiler, nor an oil tank. Your health and your pocket will thank you!

Can I convert my baseboard heaters or existing electrical heaters?

You will not have any problems converting from your current heaters, the new eco2heat infrared heaters can be installed in the same spot. Instead of bulky and heavy heaters you will have light and elegant infrared heating elements that will help you significantly reduce your heating costs. Please note that old storage heaters must be properly disposed! We offer disposal as an additional service.

How hot are the infrared heaters, can I burn myself?

The heating elements heat up a maximum of 90°C(194F). This is a safe temperature which would not cause a burn and is safe to touch. Of course you should not seek a prolonged contact, but a burn at a fleeting touch is however ruled out. To compare: a plate of a wood stove has a temperature of appr. 400°C(752F), a electric stove top – appr. 500°C(932F) and an incandescent bulb – 250-300°C(482-572F).

The heating element gets also warm in the back, is it dangerous?

Indeed, it’s true that elements radiate to the back and get warm there. There is no danger at all, on the contrary, it is very good for efficiency.

Are there any negative effects for infrared heaters?

Yes, if they are incorrectly positioned. Please let our representatives advise you.

How heavy are your heaters?

Our heaters weigh only 3.3-17 lb, with our granite heater being the heaviest. However our ebbedded heating elements are free from bi-metals and weigh only a few grams(oz). This is our unique patented feature. Unlike other manufacturers, we have not been working with sand(quartz) and metals for a very long time. Our Heaters are modern and innovative, they are extremely efficient, therefore they carry far less weight and can be mounted using common simple methods.

Is infrared heating sensible, how expensive is it?

Whoever decides on a heating system nowadays, has many options available to them. Whether it is gas, oil, or a heat pump, all decisions are crucial from the beginning to the installation, operational and maintenance costs. For an infrared heater, any follow-up costs, such as chimney sweeps or annual maintenance, confidently equal $0. The cost for a new, 1300 sq.ft-large house/apartment would be about $7000, for an old building with the same area it’d be $9750, for a 3-room apartment with a bathroom and a kitchen – about $4000. We advise you personally and provide you with a personalized offer, based on your heat demand. Please keep in mind that you would no longer need a separate utility room for your heating equipment, no storage space for fuel, unlike common oil and gas – based heating systems.

On your website you prominently display your TÜV-certificates. Is it that important?

All our products are certified by TÜV Rheinland. We also bear the GS mark for tested safety, not only the CE mark. This guarantees that the heating elements will not just work, but are also safe. Likewise, one of the reports by TÜV Rheinland cetifies that eco2heat heaters are free of electromagnetic pollution and thus – of a harmful radiation. No other manufacturer offers extensive TÜV reports and electrosmog-free infrared heating.

Can I rent or try an infrared heating?

No, this is definitely not possible. Besides the fact that it makes no sense just for a couple of hours a heating element “to lean against the wall”, it is not possible to “test drive” this time for an oil boiler, either. The room, which you want to heat, has to “get used” to the infrared heating. The final heating efficiency develops after days and weeks in conjunction with a heating and drying of the objects of the building structure.

How should I break-in and operate eco2heat infrared heaters?

Our eco2heat heaters dry the environment, but it could last days, and in special cases, it may take weeks. So, a test run is meaningless. Assemble your eco2heat heater according to a manual and let it run uninterrupted for at least 5 days. Only then can you set your individual heating program using a timer or a room thermostat.