Why eco2heat?

Infrarotheizungen Ausstellungsraum

eco2heat Infrared Heaters are offering:

  •  full-fledged Heating System
  • great alternative to replace or supplement an existing heating system
  • elegant solution for a pleasant and healthy environment
  • flexible and individual approach for both residential and commercial use
  • active mold and humidity control through the use of far-infrared C-waves
  • eco2heat Infrared Heaters heat effectively, electrosmog-free and CO2-free
  • proven health benefits of Infrared heat
  • dust-free heat, ideal for anyone, suffering from respiratory issues
  • the heat source of the future

See for yourself, how many advantages Infrared Heat offers you, heat your premises using this healthy technology, and save money doing it!

Natural heat – your manufacturer explains why eco2heat is a product to choose
Being produced by a leading Infrared Heater Manufacturer, eco2heat products offer many unique features. Our patented technology that underlies all of eco2heat Infrared Wall- and Surface heaters, impresses customers and experts alike with its highest Quality, thermal- and energy Efficiency and significant Health Benefits. Let yourself be impressed by modern Infrared Panel Heaters by eco2heat!

How does our Infrared Wall Heater function?
Infrared radiation is another word for sun heat. Unlike common convection heaters, that heat the surrounding air and thereby indirectly heat people, infrared radiation reaches people and objects directly. Infrared rays produce particularly pleasant, deeply effective and healthy warmth, and, as opposed to the forced hot air, no dust is being stirred up. An additional advantage is the small heating element thickness: our infrared Wall Heater is between 3 and 5 Millimeter thick and can also be installed under plaster or dry wall. The infrared heating is therefore extremely robust and just needs to be plugged in.

Consult your Manufacturer
Before you make your decision to purchase our innovative heaters, you should go over all of the available information and our growing product range at rest. Being an experienced Infrared Heating Manufacturer, we offer a number of solutions to provide your premises with innovative, advanced, efficient and comfortable warmth.

Before you decide on an infrared heater, please consider the following points:

There are significant differences between infrared heaters and you surely want to benefit from your decision for a very long time.

Please compare exactly the unique features of eco2heat Infrared Heaters with other manufacturers’ products before you decide.

Were the competing manufacturer’s products certified by TÜV? Do they bear the GS Safety Mark? What were the exact features that were certified?

All of our products were certified by TÜV Rheinland.

You certainly want be sure that both you and your property are safe. /faq

Does your heating system emit any electrosmog or any pollutants?

According to our TÜV – EMV Certificate all of our products are electrosmog- and emission – free.

You surely don’t want to be exposed to the dangerous electrosmog while heating! /faq

What is the wavelength of the Infrared Heater that you are considering?

Our heaters operate in the far-infrared area, C-wave band, with wavelength of 10 nm, this is an ideal wavelength for you, too! Even at a distance you can still feel the heat and can effectively heat the whole room.

You want to feel the heat even being several yards away!  /faq

How much power do you need to heat your rooms?

We can heat nearly 20 sq.feet area using just 2 Watts!

You definitely want to be informed of your installation and maintenance costs! /faq

Where were your heating elements produced?

Wir produce our heaters exclusively in Marburg, Germany

German Engineering and Quality – it is an important argument for you. /faq

What warm-up time do the heaters need, before they reach operational temperature?

Our heaters reach their operational temperature in just 5-15 minutes, depending on a model.

You definitely don’t want to waste your electricity, just to “warm up” a heater./faq

What is an operational temperature of a heater?

Our heaters operate in the temperature range 140F-185F (60°C-85°C) with full efficiency and effectiveness.

No burns can occur while our heaters are being used.  /faq

Can a heater overheat?

Our heaters cannot overheat, as they do not contain any bi-metals.
However, never cover or put anything on the top of a heater! Please use a correct power, as instructed.

You do want to be sure that a heater cannot overheat, if its metal parts become defective. /faq

Does another manufacturer offer such a variety of products?

Pease take a look at our Product Catalog, we are offering the biggest assortment of products in Europe!

You can always find a heater, according to your taste, given such a variety. /faq

How efficient is the far-infrared part of the heater’s energy? Is there an Evaluation Report by an industry expert?

The infrared part of our heater’s energy is about 50%, according to an expert evaluation by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gräff

You certainly don’t want to use a radiant heater utilizing an outdated, over 20 year old technology.

How heavy is a heater?

Our heaters weigh between 3.3 and 17.5 lb (1,5-8 kg), depending on a model.

The area to weight ratio is an important indicator for the efficiency. Many manufacturers are using metals, which is unfavorable for the infrared radiation component. /faq

Health Advantages

Infrared heat consists of far infrared rays that charge the body with heat and energy. They ensure vitality and well-being, without stressing the body. Infrared radiation has nothing to do with ultraviolet rays, it does not lead to burns or skin damage caused UV-rays. Infrared waves heat only the matter, not the surrounding air and are therefore used for medical and therapeutic purposes. Infrared heat relieves pain, inflammations and tension.
In addition, dust mites and mold can be effectively controlled by the infrared radiation. Compared to conventional heating, no dust dispersion takes place. Therefore, is the infrared heat especially recommended for anyone suffering from respiratory issues.

Economic Benefits and energy efficiency

Due to our unique patented technology, our heating systems are very energy efficient. There are absolutely no maintenance costs, compared to conventional heating systems. Initial installation costs, as well as usage costs are significantly lower than those of conventional heating systems, such as those using heating oil and natural gas.

Technological Advantages

Our infrared equipment technology is revolutionary for today’s market. The heating systems are easy to install and fit perfectly into the interior. Our infrared heaters require no additional electric lines or extra space. When moving, our heating systems are lightweight and are easily transportable.

What is a far-infrared radiation?

Infrarot Erde


Infrared radiation is a band of energy in the complete electromagnetic spectrum, which humans perceive as heat. It is located outside of the visible spectrum for humans. The human body absorbs this radiation and perceives it as heat. It is the same way the sun heats us. Therefore, the far infrared radiation(FIR) is considered  particularly pleasant and natural.

How do infrared heaters differ?



Conventional heaters produce convection heat, they require air to be used as a heat transport (thermodynamics). As a result, air circulation causes the warm air to get stuck at the ceiling, while the floor area stays cold and uncomfortable. The dry air dries nasal passages, causing negatively affecting anyone suffering from respiratory issues, asthma and allergies. Additionally, forced hot air heaters stir up the dust. As opposed to that, Infrared Heaters do not use air to transfer heat and instead heat directly.

Health Aspects



eco2heat heating element uses its energy to produce C-wave dark spectrum infrared-waves, and only minimal part of the energy is warming up the surrounding air. This is the most efficient, effective and healthy way to heat people and spaces and is a main reason why infrared is widely used for medical and therapeutic purposes.

Energy Efficiency

Photovoltaik Anlage


The optimal energy balance of the eco2heat heating elements has been demonstrated in multiple studies. It was found that eco2heat heaters emit almost 100% of the absorbed energy as heat output. In connection with Solar Power systems, you will achieve a completely CO2-neutral heating solution.

Thus, you not only heat energy efficiently and environmentally friendly, but also contribute  to your health, since the eco2heat products operate completely electrosmog free (EMC test report).

Heat Cost Savings

Heizkosten sparen


eco2heat Infrared Heaters offer significant heat cost savings, compared to oil, gas or conventional electric heaters. You should also consider that the installation and maintenance costs are non-existent, making eco2heat Infrared Heaters maintenance-free!

While planning a conversion from an outdated heating system to a modern efficient one, make  eco2heat Infrared Heaters your first choice!