Infrared Bathroom Heater

 eco2heat Infrared Bathroom Heater – it’s a no brainer!

Our Infrared Bathroom Heater helps you start your day by providing you with a pleasant warmth and cozy towels! It doesn’t just warm up your bathroom – it also doubles as a towel rack!


Our eco2heat Ceramic Bathroom Heater is a perfect combination of design and function! We are offering this product with multiple design options and three power levels, to suit your room size and your personal preference!

Please choose from our popular models made from Polished Porcelain Ceramic in Creme White or our newest finish, Dark Night – a contemporary elegance.

The radiant heat of our ceramic bathroom heater helps to relax your body. Both models feature towel racks, so you don’t just heat your bathroom, but also have a toasty towel waiting for you.

We currently offer these heaters in the following configurations:




Model Size Power
BSM 40″ x 20″  480 W
BSL 79″ x 25″ 630 W
BSX 79″ x 25″ 1060 W


The 480W – powerful Model BSM is offered in a popular polished creme white finish and could be delivered with or without a towel holder. It could be installed both vertically and horizontally, when ordered without the towel holder.

Both Model BSL with a 630W – heating element, as well as Model BSX – with 1060W, feature two towel racks and are finished either in our modern dark night or creme white.



Note: All of the Product Specifications can be found in our Technical Specs

You can also download it as a PDF for your future reference.
Please note: Your monitor’s colors can look different from the original finish. Please request our original color samples.