Infrared Heating Controls

For all Eco2Heat Infrared Heaters we also offer thermostat Control Devices. Whether a timer, radio-controlled thermostat or a whole-house thermostat – we will find the best solution for your needs from our partners.

1. Infrared Heating Control as a Plug-In Thermostat.

We recommend programmable LUX 100 thermostat as a quick plug-in solution for our 110V units.

2. Timer Switches

Programmable Timer Switches are ideal to control heaters in your bathrooms. Please consult thermostat manufacturer, to insure thermostat’s compatibility with the line voltage for our 120V and 220V units.
Intermatic Timer Switch

3. Room Thermostats

Any wired or wireless Line-Voltage Control Thermostats, compatible with 120V or 220V – units (not low-voltage “smart” ones!) could be used to control a single or multiple units.
We recommend positioning your thermostat away from the heat source, in the colder area of the room, to insure comfort.
Honeywell YTL9160AR1000 EConnect Wireless Line Voltage Thermostat  Honeywell YTL9160AR1000 EConnect Wireless Line Voltage Thermostat