Infrared Wall Panel Heater – GfK


(RAL 8004 SERIE 3 frameless model displayed)

eco2heat Infrared Wall Panel Heater GfK is our most flexible solution for a variety of applications and room/area types. This heater is less than 1/4″ (6 mm) thick and very durable!

Our patented ultra-thin eco2heat Heating Element is embedded in a fiberglass-reinforced plastic body.

eco2heat Infrared Wall Panel Heater GfK fits anywhere, where both heat effectiveness, efficiency, as well as heater’s durability are required.
Our 630W model with a lower surface temperature of only 140F could be mounted directly to the wall and be barely visible, if painted matching your interior wall color!
All Wall Panels are delivered with attached C-brackets and allow our heaters to be installed within minutes.

This heater is delivered in white and can be painted with any eco-friendly paint that is certified to withstand heater’s low surface temperature of max. 190F.

eco2heat GfK Wall Panel Heater

eco2heat GfK Wall Panel Heater - Back
The heater is being delivered in the following dimensions:

Dimensions Power
79″ x 25″ (2000 x 640 mm) 630 W
40″ x 20″ (1000 x 500 mm) 480 W
30″ x 20″ (750 x 500 mm) 410 W
20″ x 20″ (500mm x 500mm) 250 W


TÜV Rheinland

Certificate: 60025578

Note: All of the Product Specifications can be found in our
Produktkatalog2012_S11 Technical Specs

You can also download it as a PDF for your future reference.



Note: The displayed colors can differ from our originals. Please request our original color samples.