Infrared Wall Panel Heater “Granit”


(the above image is of the heater made with Juparana India granite)

eco2heat granite Infrared Wall Panel heaters “Granit” are truly unique. This natural material possesses its unique and natural ability to radiate the warmth evenly throughout a room, thanks to its structure’s formation and growth over millions of years.

Using our special manufacturing technique we could made our granite slabs just 0.3″ (8mm) thin, while maintaining their stability and durability.

Bendable granite? Yes, it is possible, and exclusively for eco2heat heaters!
Granite’s natural surface makes each heater a truly unique art piece!

These natural stone heaters are the most exclusive products among eco2heat Infrared Heaters.

We are currently producing these heaters with the following dimensions and power levels:


Dimensions Power
39.4″ x 19.7″ x 0.4″(1000mm x 500mm x 10mm) 480 W
29.5″x 19.7″ x 0.4″(750mm x 500mm x 10mm) 410 W
19.7″ x 19.7″ x 0.4″(500mm x 500mm x 10mm) 250 W

(above image: application in Kashmir White)

Infrarotheizung, Granit, eCO2heatTÜV Rheinland Certificate:60025578 ID: 27094

Without surcharge the following different granite finishes are currently available:


The colors and patterns of the images may vary from the original colors and patterns. Due to the natural structure is each granite slab unique.

Please inquire about any additional types of granite.

Note: Since granite is a naturally grown stone, an extremely fine hairline cracks might develop on the surface during a prolonged use. However, those do not impact the heating quality and the most of them are only visible during a very close inspection!

Note: All of the Product Specifications can be found in our
Produktkatalog2012_S11 Technical Specs

You can also download it as a PDF for your future reference.