Infrared Heating Mirror

Infrared Heating Mirror – heats luxuriously and never fogs up!

Our Infrared Heating Mirror is an ideal addition to any bathroom. It is not just an essential accessory, it is you true energy savings partner!



Our Infared Heating Mirror fits ideally in a Bathroom, Hallway or a Powder Room.

The use of our Infrared Heating Mirror together with an optional new Infrared Bathroom Heater is sufficient to heat even spacious bathrooms and combines business with pleasure. Fogged bathroom mirrors now belong the past!
Additionally, it removes and prevents mold, as well as maintains an optimal air humidity.

Our heating mirrors fit very well in any commercial areas, such as hotels, restaurants and other business premises.




eco2heat Infrared Heating Mirror is currently available in the following size and power configurations:

Size, WxHxD Power
35.4″ x 23.6″ x 0.16″(900mm x 600mm x 10mm) 530W
23.6″ x 15.8″ x 0.16″(600mm x 400mm x 10mm) 250 W


All eco2heat infrared heating mirrors are made of the high quality safety glass and are available either frameless, or framed in an aluminum frame in one of the 5 different finishes of our new SERIES 3.

If you need any custom-sized mirrors as a part of a larger order, please contact us! We will provide you with a personalized offer!


Note: All of the Product Specifications can be found in our Technical Specs

You can also download it as a PDF for your future reference.



Note: The displayed colors depend on your monitor and can differ from our originals. Please request our original color samples.