Infrared Wall Panel Heater GfK


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eco2heat’s Infrared Wall Panel Heater GfK is our most flexible solution for a variety of applications and room/area types. This heater is only 1/8″ (2 mm) thin and very durable!

Our Infrared Wall Panel Heater GfK fits anywhere, where both heat effectiveness, efficiency, as well as heater’s durability are required.

Our patented ultra-thin eco2heat Heating Element is embedded in a fiberglass-reinforced plastic body.

This heater is delivered in white and can be painted with any eco-friendly paint that is certified to withstand heater’s low surface temperature of max. 190F.

Additionally, our 630W model with a lower surface temperature of only 140 F could be mounted directly to the wall and be barely visible, if painted matching your interior wall color.

The rest of them are delivered with attached C-brackets and allow our heaters to be installed within minutes.

Please note that eco2heat offer painting services.  Simply provide us with your desired RAL color number. There is a 10% surcharge for  all custom colors.

The heater is available in the following dimensions and power levels:

Dimensions Power
79″ x 25″ (2000 x 640mm)  630W, 220V
40″ x 20″ (1000 x 500mm) 480W, 110V or 220 V
30″ x 20″ (750 x 500mm) 410W, 220V
20″ x 20″ (500 x 500mm) 250W, 220V


Eco2heat Technical Specifications

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Dimensions N/A

Select a Size, 79″ x 25″ (2000 x 640 mm) Power 220V/630 W, 40″ x 20″ (1000 x 500 mm) Power 110V/480 W, 40″ x 20″ (1000 x 500 mm) Power 220V/480 W, 30″ x 20″ (750 x 500 mm) Power 220V/410W, 20″ x 20″ (500mm x 500mm) Power 220V/250 W


White, Contact Us for Custom Colors