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By positioning our ultra-thin eco2heat Built-In Infrared Wall Heater on your wall you can heat your premises without any heaters being on display! It also means that all of the bulky radiators and baseboard heaters belong the past!

Being only 0.04 inches (1mm!)  thin our eco2heat Built-In Infrared Wall Heater can be easily installed.
Attach it to a slightly larger 1/4″-thick cement board, screw it to your wall, paint it – done!

Thanks to its versatility this heater is an especially popular option for any newly constructed homes and bathrooms.

Dimensions: (79 x 23.6 x 0.08) (630w)

eco2heat Built-In Infrared Wall Heater can be used in the following applications:

– in bathrooms under tiles, even in the shower area, as an additional heating option

– during renovation, refurbishment, structural restoration

– new construction – have barely visible heaters in your home!


Eco2heat Technical Specifications