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Our ultra-thin eco2heat Infrared WallPaper Heater allows you to quickly add a heating solution to any location/room. Whether you want to add a heat source to a home office, playroom, workshop or all of the above. A battle ready solution, this heater can be easily rolled up and transported to another location.  Installation is equally easy,  you can simply use 3M command strips/clips to hang it on a wall. Let your creativity determine how and where you place your heater.

Our Wallpaper is only 0.04 inches (1mm!)  thin and offers the performance of our fixed panels. It can also be mounted directly to the wall hidden under a 1mm thin GfK Panel and be barely visible, if painted matching your wall color – see our GfK heater page!

Dimensions/Power: 79″ x 23.6″ x 0.08″, 220V, 630W


Eco2heat Technical Specifications

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