Infrared Wellness Mat


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The Eco2Heat far infrared wellness mat  provides therapeutic heat delivered by infrared light, which is the invisible portion of the sun’s light spectrum. Infrared means “below red” and pertains to the light waves just below the visible color red, at the far end of the light spectrum. The “far” part of infrared light indicates the infrared light waves that have longer wavelengths. Far infrared heat therapy emits these same wavelengths within a comfortable enclosure where you can rest your way to better health.

Our wellness mat allows you to take advantage of the healing benefits of far infrared deep heat to relax your muscles and calm your entire body.

  • Properly sized to accommodate an adult: 67″ x 24″
  • Heating Element uses only 20 Volt – not 110 Volt
  • Heating Element contains no bi-metals – overheating is ruled out!
  • A safe and pleasant surface made of silicon-containing leatherette, soft foam on the bottom
  • Low surface temperature of  just 86 F (30°C), and a deeply penetrating infrared warmth for your body
  • No EMF’s